We have a Logo

So at last we have a reasonable print, something that works.

I upgraded the "machine" with closer holes and large holes. The larger holes were not much good. (Although I need to test further).

new machine
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Chopping Board Hack

This is a simple hack, using a chopping board. But young Charlie likes to call it "An initial toast machine", because we used to make toast with our initials on.

Machine Making

Using two chopping boards, some bolts and some nuts. I marked out a 10x10cm grid and drilled holes ...

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Pixels at Last

At last we have something that looks like a pixels burnt in to toast.


Stamp the pixels in a matrix pattern, using the end of a pencil (rubber) in to the bread.

new pattern

Then toast. The mirror image come out better than front-side. Partner suggested it was not appealing (edible ...

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