I have used wordpress for a while. It take too long to set-up and too much maintenance. I don't like mainteance :)

So having spotted a post on hacker news , about setting up static html using python. Using a project with a great project name. pelican. I thought I give it a go.

  1. Install pip and applications (TODO: learn virtualenv
    1. install pelican
    2. pip install ghp-import
  2. login to github
  3. Cretae new repository e.g. (pixelate-toast-website.git)
  4. git clone https://github.com/bmsleight/pixelate-toast-website.git
  5. cd pixelate-toast-website
  6. pelican-quickstart
    1. website address for now .... http://bmsleight.github.io/pixelate-toast-website
  7. git add ./*
  8. git commit. m "Initial pelican-quickstart"
  9. git push
  10. make github

Then as necessary

  • make github